Our Story

As beekeepers we know how important nature is for our bees and us. We like to respect nature, minimize disturbance and live together with what nature has to offer us. Locally but also worldwide. Clothing is not always produced in a environmentally friendly way, or in a proper labour environment, not to mention forced and (child) labour what is not uncommon.

When working in the bees I would like to have the best for my bees. This means a a good and healthy environment. This also means that my work clothing should be produced in an Fair and enviromentally friendly way. And this is exactly what BeeFair is aiming for!

To suport this project and later maybe even this brand, join our Kickstarter project by buying a jacket! Ofcourse you can do more: promote our project to your local bee friends and connections, for example by writing about it on your bee association website, Facebookpage, Twitter ect. and ofcourse spread the word!

Our Motivation

The Jacket

Standart Features

  • Connector.

    Breast Pocket

    Nice big breast pocket for small goods like papers, pencil, queen marking shields and paint.

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    Smartphone Pocket

    Easy pocket to hold your smartphone, always handy when you use it for hive monitoring. This pocket will support almost all the major phone brands, like Samsung, LG and iPhones.

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    High Quality Zippers

    Zippers from high quality, made for harsh working environments. Propolis and beeswax should not interfere their working. We also aim to have big handles on the zippers so it can easily be opened with the gloves still on.


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    Coat loop hanger (Unlocked on achieving €35.000 goal)

    Handy coat hanger to store your jacket on a coat rack.

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    Sleeve holder (Unlocked on achieving €35.000 goal)

    Always handy when you need to wear gloves. It prevents the sleeves from creeping up especially when putting your gloves on.

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    Detachable hive tool bag (Unlocked for FREE on €40.000)

    Often the normal pockets are not sufficient for hive tools. They fall out when you bend and worse due to their sharpness damage your jacket. To prevent a broken jacket and falling hive tools we develped the hive tool bag!

  • Connector.

    Spare cap (Available for SALE on €45.000)

    Caps tend to get broken sooner than the jacket, of course it's a waste to throw away the complete jacket. Therefore a spare cap will come available when enough people back our project!

“The best for your bees, the best for you” Choose BeeFair!


Meet the BeeFair Team




Studied Animal Sciences and is a fanatic beekeeper. Besides that he runs a beekeeper equipment store in the Netherlands




Studied industrial design after which he started studying IT. Attracted by the idea of running a kickstarter campaign he was fast to join the BeeFair idea!



Drawing Artist

Drawing already from childhood on he is the designer of our drawings. With his drawings he is making the BeeFair ideas visual and easy to understand.

“Start making your honey FairTrade!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest!
Drop us a line at info@beefair.eu, and we will get in touch

Wordwide Shipping! Our product will be available all over the WORLD!

The main material used is Faitrade Organic Cotton. We also use zippers, metal rings and veil. This makes it very difficult to have the suit 100% Fairtrade. We follow the GOTS guidelines which allows less than 5% of the material to be from different sources.

During the production proces we will make pictures and keep you updated. In this way you can follow the proces yourself. The fabric is certified organic fairtrade cotton and we follow the GOTS guidelines.

At this moment we are talking with different producers in Europe. We did choose Europe to keep production close by, so we can check labour standards and the production itself.

Basicly you could remove the zippers, veil and metal from it.

We use High Quality zippers YKK or comparable quality.

A size table will become available after the goal is achieved.

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9714AM Groningen, The Netherlands